28 Mar

28th March 2017

The busiest day so far for Hounds About! 4 walks, 7 different dogs, and a fair few kilometres walked! I was really pleased the weather was good!

The day started off with a walk around Lyme Park with Charlie, Moss and Maya. We went up onto the moor, which involved a walk through the area they’re grazing cattle on. Needless to say, both Charlie and Moss decided rolling around in the fresh cow pats was a good idea! I finished with taking them past, and into the pond for a swim and a brief wash, before taking them home for a proper hosing down!

Next up, Winnie and Jasper went around Lyme Park with me. We did a tour of the Drinkwater Meadow.

Pablo was next out with me, and we went for a walk through the New Mills torrs, and across the Millennium Bridge.

Finally, I took Frejya out along the canal and through the riverside park. The weather had turned a bit late afternoon, and was a little overcast.

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